About Us


Live Dead Origins addresses the unique challenges of church planting work in Israel and Palestine. Though the area is geographically small, it represents some 13 million people with an estimated believing community of less than 0.25 percent. There are dozens of hurdles that both restrict and distract church planting efforts including the political conflicts, the struggles between religious and secular, the variety of languages and cultures that comprise this small area, the strong beliefs on proper methodology, or the ever present visa and residency issues.

In an effort to form a unified, biblical approach to a fractured land, Live Dead Origins seeks to provide linguistic, cultural, theological, and missiological training for Live Dead teams regardless of their ultimate demographic or geographic focus within Israel and Palestine. The training will address the long-standing divisions that exist in the country—even within the believing community. Embracing the Live Dead values, Live Dead Origins will endeavor to emphasize a bold gospel witness that centers on Jesus and His work on the cross and prepares Live Dead teams to both proclaim and disciple.

Those who wish to be a part of Live Dead Origins will spend at least one year at the main training center. There they will engage in intense language study as well as receive other necessary training as they explore opportunities for more permanent placement as members of Live Dead teams planting churches among secular and religious Jewish Israelis, Palestinian Muslims, Druze, secular Arab Israelis, and others.